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Playa Doradais born to leave a mark

Costruzione del residence Playa Dorada


The first stepfrom an ambitious idea

Playa Dorada has been designed for those who love to surround themselves with beauty in the deepest way, with exclusive benefits designed to achieve complete comfort.
In the heart of a lively city full of events like Jesolo, with the right level of privacy and tranquility.

An offer of cutting-edge services, designed to fully satisfy even the most demanding guests, and the refined attention to every detail, the Playa Dorada residence transforms your stay into an unforgettable experience.

The facility is located in an enchanting position, one of the most desirable on the coast, with a South, East and West exposure that offers breathtaking views at sunrise as well as during sunset. Each apartment, in fact, enjoys a splendid sea view, while the gardens on the ground floor and the large terraces allow you to fully enjoy the outdoor space during the most beautiful season of the year.

The facilityand its features

A “green break” in the urban fabric of Lido di Jesolo, unique, exclusive, sustainable and of the highest landscape-environmental quality.

Playa Dorada was born with the desire of leaving a tangible and important mark in the city of Jesolo, through the creation of a refined structure with a unique architecture, which makes design, comfort, luxury and quality excellence its soul.

The well-being of the person is the focus of every housing decision, closely linked with environmental sustainability, a feature to which great attention has been given.

Playa Dorada is a green residence. All the design criteria, the technologies used, the construction techniques and the materials used have been carefully selected and studied to respond to a specific desire for comfort and efficiency, achieving the highest possible energy savings. We are proud that the Playa Dorada project has been selected among the best in the prestigious Barbara Capocchin International Architecture Award.

Wide park

a green area dedicated to our guests, for a break from the sand

2 buildings

different in structure, identical in services

Spacious interiors

people-friendly, with exclusive design, complete with appliances

Green energy

we are an eco-friendly facility

No barriers

the internal and external spaces are accessible to everyone

Functional designplanning

Modern, with and elegant and minimal character, the 22 apartments which make up the 2 buildings of the Playa Dorada residence have been built following high quality standards, guaranteeing maximum manufacturing excellence.
The precise stylistic choice favours the design with clean lines and the furniture in light and neutral tones, which emphasizes the great brightness of the spaces.

The large windows with panoramic views allow guests to feel fully immersed in the surrounding landscape, where the sea meets the sky, creating poetic and suggestive glimpses at any time of day or night.

All the apartments have been completely furnished, following a careful ergonomic study to guarantee guests the highest efficiency and freedom of movement. The rooms are well-finished in every corner, thinking of every little detail, with a contemporary design and custom-made elements, handcrafted using innovative and sustainable materials.

Technology and securitythe centre of our comfort

Home automationand independent and optimized control

All the apartments have a home automation system that allows timely remote management of each electrical element, including door openings.

The external video surveillance cameras are designed to offer a further guarantee of control to the entire facility, ensuring guests the highest levels of security.

Controlli remoti in camera da letto

Green energyand environmental sustainability

Playa Dorada pays the utmost attention to environmental sustainability.

In fact, the structure has an innovative solar energy system that guarantees perfect thermal and cooling comfort, while at the same time ensuring a high level of energy efficiency.

residence di lusso - playa dorada

Purification and well-being

Each room is equipped with a cutting-edge controlled mechanical ventilation system which, in the event of prolonged closure, prevents the formation of bad odors and mold.

An indispensable element in a structure dedicated to the predominantly summer stay.

Condotto di ventilazione a soffitto

Insulationwith soundproofed environments

Would you like to fully enjoy the right tranquility and rest in comfortable silence, even in a lively city like Jesolo? It’s a dream come true in Playa Dorada!

Each room has been completely soundproofed, to ensure guests the highest level of privacy and living serenity.

Camera da letto matrimoniale

Sustainable materialstechnological and cutting-edge

All the furnishings have been made with particular attention to the health and well-being of the guests, using non-toxic materials, without any release of chemical elements.

The flooring of the rooms, both indoors and on the terraces, was made of Fiandre porcelain stoneware. The two bathrooms of each apartment have been exclusively made to measure, in Corian material that ensures maximum hygiene, as well as a style of elegant simplicity.

Both buildings are surrounded by a second facade that protects the internal one by using horizontal brise soleil in self-cleaning ceramic. The internal façade is punctuated by vertical glazed modules, with aluminum windows with thermal break, also in this case preferring the use of eco-sustainable materials.

Facciata esterna in ceramica autopulente

Living spaces for maximum freedom

Most of the Playa Dorada apartments have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with generous sizes – from 90 to 100 square metres -, while the 5 duplex apartments have over 120 square metres of surface.

The furniture of each room, made to measure and handcrafted with fine design accessories, has been designed to guarantee guests maximum ergonomics and freedom of movement.

There are also 2 prestigious penthouses that offer a large and exclusive sun terrace with a private swimming pool for unique and unforgettable moments.

Ampio spazio: divano, lampada di design e poltrona

Short periods

Staying in Playa Dorada is a unique experience, try it with our short stays to enjoy a moment of comfort and relaxation.

Types of apartment